Family School Liaison Worker Mrs. Kandice Wynia

Welcome Back!

Welcome Back!

I hope you all had a wonderful summer break.  I will be at Falun School on Tuesdays this year.

My role at the school is to provide emotional-social support and counseling to the students. I also provide crisis interventions and referral to community agencies.

Please contact me if your child would benefit from support with:

- regulation  with emotions ie, anger/worry/fear etc

- behavior ie, impulse control, aggression etc

- family ie. illness/death of a loved one, separation/divorce, parent-child/sibling conflicts

- coping strategies for stress, general anxiety,  test/academic performance anxiety

Referrals can be made through the teacher, by the parent or student self-refer.  Consent from parents is required.  If I supported your child in the past and you would like continued support for this year, a new consent form will need to be filled out. A Consent Form through Google Forms is located on the Falun School website and is confidential.


Kandice Wynia, FSL