Summary of Public Consultations

The Final report outlining a summary from the public consultation held to discuss the possible closure of the Lakedell and Pipestone Schools is now available.  We have included a list of general questions that have been posed to Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools from parents and community members through correspondence or at the public meetings held to discuss the possible closure of the Lakedell and Pipestone Schools.  The consultations were held on February 12th at Lakedell, on February 19th at Pipestone School and on February 27th at the Falun School.

The Board requested input on parent’s thoughts, concerns and questions with their vision of consolidating the three schools to Falun and how this change would affect their children.

Many of the same thoughts, concerns and questions were expressed at all three meetings; therefore these questions were not repeated more than once in this summary document. Also, due to the similar nature of some questions certain explanations may answer multiple questions.

A compilation of the comments and questions that were gathered at all three meetings have been grouped into the categories outlined in the table of contents.

View: Summary of Public Consultations

Ministers Letter

Please find below the link to the letter from Jeff Johnson, Minister Alberta Education.

Ministers Letter









Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools free bus status app now available

Winter weather has hit us with a vengeance this year.

Keeping tabs on the school buses operated by Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools has never been easier, with the introduction of a free iPhone app. The app, available now at the App Store, gives users the opportunity to select their favorite WRPS routes and then receive push notifications to their iPhone if those routes are delayed or cancelled.

You can search iTunes for "Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Bus Status" or simply visit the WRPS website at from your iPhone and you’ll automatically be prompted to connect to iTunes to download the app.

If you don’t have an iPhone, you can keep tabs on your child’s bus by visiting your school website or the Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools website at

With winter weather upon us, you’ll have the peace of mind of knowing the status of your child’s school bus with current information updated regularly by Wetaskiwin Regional Public Schools Transportation Department.

Accountability Pillar Survey!

As part of the Accountability Pillar, Alberta Education conducts surveys of teachers, students and their parents to gather information on the quality of education provided by Alberta school authorities and their schools. The teacher and student surveys are conducted online and parents are surveyed by mail.

  • In public, separate and francophone schools, all teachers, grade 4, 7 and 10 students and their parents are surveyed. Please note that in small schools (fewer than 120 students in grades 4-12) and schools participating in the High School Flexibility Enhancement Project the survey includes students in grades 4 and above and their parents.
  • In charter and private schools all teachers, students in grades 4 and above and their parents are included in the survey.

The results are provided to each school jurisdiction to use in updating their three-year education plans and to report in their annual education results reports, and are used to evaluate school authority performance on Accountability Pillar survey measures. Survey results and sample survey instruments in English and Français are available below.